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"There is a darkness in this world, I won't deny that. We, both of us, have been touched by it."
–Matthew Freeman


Doctor Matthew Freeman is an African-American physician who was Morehouse's valet during the Civil War—where he first encountered Kevin Corcoran. When called upon, Freeman now assists Corcoran in murder investigations though receives no credit for his contribution. Freeman practices modern scientific methods of deduction, but precinct superiors believe this to be Corcoran's work and he doesn't tell them otherwise. Freeman is devoted to his wife Sara whose two brothers were lynched during the Draft Riots. Anxious to allay her fear of white men, he moves them to the African-American community of Carmansville in order to assure her peace of mind.[1]

Born in America Morehouse refers to him as a runaway slave. He learned medicine from an army doctor and used his skills to save Morehouse by cutting off his leg. In order to keep the fact that he saved Morehouse's life secret, Freeman was paid enough money to buy a house and start a medical practice. (Information was obtained through interviews and TV show.)


Season 1Edit

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "There is a darkness in this world, I won't deny that. We, both of us, have been touched by it."



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